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Focusing is great, simple and determined, maintaining focus and quality, "Never Defining" is not just a slogan, but constantly seeking the best quality...
DOOGEE was established in 2013 and is the third own brand of KVD International Group Limited. DOOGEE is a flagship milestone, advocating "Quality, Experience, Discount". The flagship models are less than 5 years old and have users in more than 30 countries worldwide.We strictly control every process from product design to production. In order to provide each user with a perfect experience, especially in terms of quality, all DOOGEE products must go through the process of high standard testing and high-tech quality inspection.
The designers of DOOGEE pursue the ultimate, endowing the essence of the product, exquisite appearance and flexible operation, conveying the hope and enjoyment of life to users, and enjoying life is created by DOOGEE products for users.
DOOGEE:The best combination of technology and art opens a new era of fluency together.

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