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FAAK - Top brand selling realistic dildos and anal plugs to the worldwide private label retail markets.


FAAK - Top brand selling realistic dildos and anal plugs.

FAAK - QianAi is the original factory and is one of the top 10 sex toy brands in China. The brands “FAAK” & “FRRK” produce realistic dildo and anal plugs that are made of silicone and PVC material, silicone vibrators, vibrating dildos and vibrating anal plugs, as well as S&M sex toys such as chastity cages.

For all FAAK sex products, there's a FAAK brand mark on it. Sex toys includes realistic dildo, anal plug, vibrator, multi-color anal dildos, gigantic dildos, double ended dildos, triple ended dongs, vegetable flower plant dildo, animal dildos, beads dildos, sword dildos, male masturbators.

For all FRRK sex toys, there's a FRRK brand mark on them. FRRK product collection is S&M sex products, includes metal chastity cages and , plastic chastity cages.