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KZ 301 Stainless Steel Male Chastity with Swivel/Split Ring

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NEW "KZ" Stainless Steel Male Chastity with Swivel Ring. 

Different in a good way! KZ chastity device is well design without compromising the comfort. This unique design has the lock points outward/inward for ease access to the key holder and the ergonomic ring swivel to create a web opening. All for good reasons.

Once secured in place, the device snugs comfortably close to the body, points the shaft downwards preventing erection, naturally. The taper tube functions to contain your cock as well as to squeeze the ball giving the feeling of "fullness". A good reminder who or why you are locked?

The perforation provides ventilation, hygiene for long term wear and generous outlets for number one. 

KZ comes in Small or Standard sizes. The solid stainless steel construction weight a hefty 235gm (Small) and 275gm (Standard).


Length of tube (Base): 38mm (1.50 inches)

Insider diameter: 31mm (1.22 inches)

Ring size options: 43mm OR 52mm

Weight 235gm


Length of tube (Base): 48mm (1.57 inches)

Insider diameter: 31mm (1.22 inches)

Ring size options: 48mm OR 52mm

Weight 275gm

The package include

1 x Tube (Small OR Standard)

1 x Curve ring (43mm, 48mm OR 52mm)

2 x Gel tubes

1 x Lock

2 x Keys