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Perfect Fit Bull Bag 1.5 Inch Ball Stretcher

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Product Description

An innovative toy for unique stimulation, this soft squishy ball stretcher is unlike any other. With its chunky thick rim and stretchy sack, it hugs and tugs your testicles for sensational pleasure and is perfect for any experience level.


Once you're nice and warmed up, apply plenty of lubricant to your balls and the opening of the Bull Bag. Pull the rim and slide each testicle through one at a time to experience gentle stretching of 1.5 inch and all-encompassing grip around your balls.


Fancy something completely new? Be ultra generous with the water-based lube and partly fill the ergonomic bag for extra-slippery scrotum fun.


To keep your ball stretcher in tip-top condition, we recommend cleaning it with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and dusting generously with a renewer powder between uses.

Key Features:

  • Super-soft and squishy ball stretcher sack for gentle scrotal tugging
  • Ergonomically formed for the perfect fit
  • Stretches balls by 1.5 inches whilst maintaining optimum comfort
  • Supremely versatile for a range of sensory exploration
  • Made from frosted PFBlend - a unique amalgamation of silicone and TPR