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This wireless remote egg vibrator is discreet enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to give you great stimulation and excitement. Tease your lover to the max and tune in to a whole new world of satisfaction. 12 very powerful vibration patterns to drive you completely wild - all at the flick of a button! Brilliant fun for you and your partner at home, on holiday or out in public for discreet naughty stimulation.

Pretty Love Julia is a rechargeable, ribbed structured mini egg vibrator with a powerfull motor and a remote control. Julia has 12 vibration functions. The remote control is not rechargeable and need 1x AAA Battery to operate.

The packaging contains 3 products: 1 vibrating Egg, a USB charging cable and a remote control. 

Before use, please charge the egg for 2 hours. Charging must be done with the included charging cable. Insert the plug into the egg at the appointed DC spot and connect the USB plug to a USB charger device. During charging there will be a LED indicator blinking. As soon as the battery is fully loaded the LED will stop blinking.

Please disconnect the charging cable now and do not overcharge!

Open the battery compartement on the backside of the remote control unit. Put a AAA penlite battery inside the compartiment and pay attention that this is done correctly. (this battery is NOT included!) You are now ready to start playing.

Press the on/off button for one time and the LED will start blinking. The Egg is now ready to receive commands from the remote control. The remote has only one control button.

By pressing the button shortly, you start the vibration in the first modus. By pressing shortly again you move to the next vibrating modus. To stop the vibrations you hold the press button for about 3 seconds.

You can also use the egg for solo play. By pressing the on/off button on the egg another time, the LED will glow continuously and the egg starts vibrating in the first modus. To shift to the next modus you just have to press this button another time.

The pull back cord on the egg is also the antenna. If the egg is worn inside the vagina, do let a piece of the cord outside to enable receival of the remote signals.

Cleaning: Use half warm water and a soft soap. Toycleaning products are perfect to clean. Attention the egg is water prove and may be inmerced into water. The remote control unit is NOT waterproof.

The remote distance is 10 meter.


If the vibration is not going, please recharge again and check if the LED is working. 

The the egg is working but not listening to the remote control: Check if the antenna is visible and if the AAA battery still has power.

If you are still facing problems, please do contact the retailer you putrchased this article from.

Never open the egg and never try to repair it for youself.