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Silicone Piss/Urinal Mouth Gag with Head Harness

Regular price $55.99

Material: Silicone
Model Number: HYJ657

If you have ever thought about Urolagnia the piss fetish and always wondered whether there was a sex toy which would help you in your sexual fantasies we have created the Urinal Gag. The Urinal Gag will help you become the piss pig or urinal you have always wanted to be. If you like what your hearing, you can now take things to a whole new level with this expertly designed, strap-on piss trough. The trough is soft, flexible, pure platinum silicone and is quite deep so anyone needing to take a slash can fill it up just for you. The tough allows a collection of piss to be stored in the bowl as the wearer has to smell it, drink it up fast or suppress the amount of urine that enters into his or her mouth via the gag inserts.

To use, simply place the gag in your mouth and strap on the waterproof  strap with Velcro closure. Now all your drinking buddies can step up and relieve themselves in their own personal human urinal. The Urinal Gag comes with a removable silicone tube. You can accessories your urinal gag with other interchangeable gags for the perfect urine drinking experience. Water sports will never be the same again with your Urinal Gag!